02/05/2019: “If It Really Is Me” by Polygon Window

Polygon Window is one of the better known aliases of Aphex Twin, along with AFX and The Tuss.

“If It Really Is Me” is a great example of the natural melodic touch that Aphex Twin has, which often gets sidetracked by glitchy weirdness. There is still a definite touch of Richard D. James to this, but at the same time, the piano riff is positively mainstream by Aphex standards…

The track is quite lowkey, with a 4 to the floor kick drum providing the bass. One section has some echoing snares, which mesh perfectly with the splashy hi-hats. Rhythmically though, it isn’t too out there.

It feels like a techno track rather than “IDM” or strange ambient musings, and acquits itself magnificently on that score!

The trademark Aphex twin touch is the expansive, slightly discordant synth which provides a second melody at various points in the touch. The synth puts you in mind of slowly drifting clouds, warping and twisting in the wind.

The song was released in 1993 on the album Surfing On Sine Waves, which has garnered excellent retrospective reviews.


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