01/05/2019: “Ay, Mama Ines (Remix)” by Alfredo Rodriguez

The original version of this song is a bouncy, energetic tune, like a Spanish rabbit hopping at full pace though a field of lush flowers.

This remix is more like that same rabbit after an afternoon’s hopping, having eaten a few carrots and laid down in the sunshine. That is to say; much slower and more contented!

The remixed version contains less of Rodriguez’ majestic piano, focusing on a horn and Rhodes combination. A saxophone creates a very different vibe from a piano, but enough of the original remains to hear the similarities.

The harmonies blend so nicely, creating a tranquil evening scene, lazily drifting through the air…

In some ways, it’s a shame that the Cuban influences are reduced slightly, but there remains a Latin feel to the drums, even if they are less prominent.

The original, and this version, were both released in 2016 on the album Tocororo, which was produced by Rodriguez and Quincy Jones.


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