02/08/2018: “Praises In Dub” by Jah Shaka

Jah Shaka is one of the U.K.’s most respected and successful dub sound system operators. In the dub scene he is regarded as one of the the heaviest sounds around.

Jah Shaka has also produced a lot of dub music. “Praises In Dub” is from the Commandments Of Dub series, specifically Warrior,  Commandments Of Dub Chapter 7. 

It was released in 1986 and is classic 80s militant dub. The bassline is energetic, switching between a lower and higher pitched run. It creates a rolling, rocking sound, perfect for skanking away.

The sound is a lot sharper than early Jamaican dub from artists like King Tubby. The echoes and delays, the reverb; it’s all less intense, more focused.

Roots style!

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