03/08/2018: “Joker And The Thief” by Wolfmother

Wolfmother are a band that exists in the wrong time. Or at the right time depending on your perspective. They’re an Australian hard rock band formed in 2000, but they could very easily be from the 70s.

It isn’t a washed out throwback though. Their music is good stuff.

“Joker And The Thief” is from the 2005 album, Wolfmother. The song kicks off with a distinctly retro sounding guitar lick, resonant with the power of rock music’s golden age.

The main song is heavy, with a nice sludgy guitar, some pretty distinctive vocals, and some more contemporary sounding drums. The song is richly produced, with vocal harmonies on the chorus and a pretty full soundscape.

Regardless of your feelings on the band’s originality (they didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel…), the song is great fun to listen to, and doesn’t get old.

A true modern classic if there ever was one!

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