02/12/2020: “The Bronx” by Booker T. Jones featuring Lou Reed

This song is just so incredibly laidback. It meanders thoughtfully, as a slow break beat paces on, sultry guitar licks echo in and out, the exacting bass swells and ebbs like a Mediterranean tide, and the organ coolly breezes by.

Lou Reed, a master of stylish nonchalance himself, provides the vocals. Not tonnes of vocals, true. But still enough – a perfect amount for this kind of song really!

The album this is from, The Road From Memphis, was released in 2011. This song is a brilliant example of how modern techniques and classic sounds can create a completely fresh experience. This song is brilliant!

And the rest of the album is fantastic too. Old school hip hop dons “The Roots” are the backing band, and add timeless flair to every note. A real cross generational collaboration…

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