01/12/2020: “Ain’t Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind)” by The Ambassadors

This one is absolute soul gold. Hanging on at the end of the 60s, the song is dusted with heartbreak, stained with regret.

It’s a sign of how times have changed – but also how some things are universal. The writer is essentially warning girls that he’s a player and can’t commit. A heartbreaker.

It’s a real crooner, laying on a spread of sweet horns, sugary vocals, soft drums and honeyed strings.

Update the language, make it a whole lot coarser, and you can see it as a hip hop track. And of course, it’s been sampled. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth use it in their 1994 song, “I Got A Love”.

Originally, though, in its purer, more wholesome form, the song came out in 1969 on Soul Summit.

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