03/04/2021: “Bayanyonyoba” by Senyaka

Sometimes, I hear a song like this and can’t believe how powerful it is.

The groove is just unstoppable, and it captures something really ancient. But at the same time, it seems like a forward looking, futuristic track.

The percussion, first off, is just phenomenal. The beat is a slow, easy ride, with a tasty step to it. And to augment it, a dark, brooding synth sweeps and swells like a night tide.

The vocals are also blisteringly soulful, and help to reinforce that South African house vibe.

Then the guitar! What a revelation. I don’t know whether it’s sampled, but it sucks you in like a smoky whirlpool.

The song was released on Ma-Gents in 1993, and may have languished in relative obscurity if not for a re-release in 2017.

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