03/06/2019: “Easin’ In” by Edwin Starr

This one is smooth as glass. The way the instruments jam off the back of each other to create the melody is very cool!

From the delightfully fuzzy bass, to the organ, to the guitar, to the backing vocalists, the song doesn’t put a foot wrong.

The drums are funky yet restrained, in tune with the rest of the track. Edwin Starr’s vocals are pretty laid back to.

The lyrics are about a shifty hit man who is keeping a low profile to infiltrate a new area. Hence “easing in”. A couple of the verses do see Starr raise his voice a bit, which works pretty well.

The song was released in 1974, on the OST album for “Hell Up In Harlem”. It was written by Freddie Perren, but for some reason Motown didn’t release it as a single, so it never lived up to its chart potential.

Couldn’t be any cooler!

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