02/06/2019: “Italiano Lento” by DJ Sandrinho

Brazil is a huge and diverse country with a multitude of musical styles. It is perhaps no surprise that the harshest sounds emanate from the favelas in the big cities, mainly Rio de Janeiro. DJ Sandrinho is from a Rio favela himself.

Favela funk, known as Baile Funk or Funk Carioca, is a style of music which has evolved over the years from a Brazilian take on Electro-funk to a unique band of musical styles. Much of it is MC driven and utilises a distinctive, stripped back and distorted back; the classic rhythm goes something like “dum cha-dumdum-cha”.

Baile Funk tends to a denote a more melodic version of this music, which has the scope for more instrumental tracks.

“Italiano Lento” contains many elements typical of a certain form of Baile Funk. Chopped female vocals, a repetitive organ/horn sample, and the archetypal favela funk drum pattern.

The track was introduced to the wider world by Daniel Haaksman, a German DJ who is something of an ambassador for the scene. It was released in 2007 on his label MAN Recordings, on an E.P. entitled Baile Funk Masters #1.

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