03/09/2019: “Mike Lowery” by Skepta

Skepta is a huge name now, working with artists in America and playing at huge mainstream festivals.

But he’s about as rooted in the Grime scene as you can be without being DJ Slimzee or Wiley…

“Mike Lowery” isn’t the classic mid 00s Grime sound, but there’s a lot more English grittiness on it than some of his more recent stuff. His last album was a good effort, but did lack any real bangers.

The track is essentially a series of threats to haters. Of course, Skepta isn’t really going to turn up at your house if you write bad things about him, but the basic point is that he’s harder than you, whoever you might be…

The song name is from Bad Boys. Fairly obviously, Skepta is not a fan of cops, or at least wouldn’t like to give anybody the impression that he is.

The song was released as the iTunes bonus track on Doin’ It Again in 2011.

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