04/09/2019: “Invitation Highlife” by Victor Olaiya

Victor Olaiya is one of those incredibly funky musicians from the height of Highlife. There’s quite a lot of them really!

Nonetheless, he stands out as a rare talent, both playing his own trumpet and as a bandleader.

As far as I can tell, this song is the same as “All Star Invitation”. Even though that name is more common, it’s easier to find music under the “Invitation Highlife” name.

The song leads with a stupendously relaxing groove, as a slow bassline and chilled out guitar throw out a warm and welcoming jig.

The piercing trumpet cuts through the mix, adding to the Latin/Cuban feeling of the song.

The song came out in 1982 on Highlife┬áRe-Incarnation, under the “All Star Invitation” title. The All-Stars were his main band, variously called “His All Stars” or “International All Stars”.

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