03/10/2020: “Thunder & Lightning Dub” by Scientist

Scientist In The Kingdom Of Dub, released in 1981, is hands down one of the best dub albums ever produced.

Featuring a hard hitting list of musicians such as Sly & Robbie and Ansel Collins, Scientist’s magic touch elevates the sound into something else – something much greater.

I could have chosen any track on the album, and in fact, I’ve already covered one!

So I won’t waste too many words talking about how absolutely fantastic the album is, and how Scientist is to dub music what Brazil is to football. They didn’t invent it, but have you seen it done better?

It’s a bit tricky because there are two songs floating about out there: “Thunder & Lightning”, and “Thunder & Lightning Dub”.

But to confuse matters, on the original album, every song was called “dub”. Because they are all dubs, technically. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Scientist. I prefer the song below, due to the stellar guitar work!

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