02/10/2020: “Afeto” by Mayra Andrade

I’ve written before on the musical clout of Cape Verde.

This is something slightly different – more R’n’B influenced. There is, however, still a strong flavour to this outside of what you might expect Portuguese R’n’B to sound like.

Perhaps its the percussion, like a cloud of walnuts bouncing of a door. The heavy, insistent stabs of the sub bass?

Mayra Andrade’s accent, maybe. I don’t speak Portuguese but she definitely has a pleasing cadence, different from Brazilian or Portuguese singers.

In any case, the finished product is very easy on the ear, with a decadent smattering of piano and guitar licks to add colour.

The song was released in 2019, on the excellent Manga.

Like honey on toast – sweet but grounded

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