04/05/2019: “Tell It Like It Is” by Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville is part of the Neville Brothers, so is consequently no stranger to the soulful sounds of New Orleans.

However, he is the most successful of the brothers, with 4 Platinum albums to his name.

This song is a sweet crooning R’n’B number, with oodles of popular appeal and a seriously smooth instrumental…

The bassline slowly paces under the lush arrangements of the other instruments, such as the bashful guitar and watchful horns, but of course, however great the instrumental is, Neville’s vocals would have always been greater.

The chorus is where the song really catches hold of you, but the measured and melancholy verses are an excellent counterpoint.

The song is a warning not to mess about with his heart, essentially imploring his love interest to commit or quit!

The song was written by George Davis and Lee Diamond, and was released in 1966. It climbed to number 2 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Brimming with soul!

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