04/06/2018: “Good Times” by The Persuasions


Of all the various sounds, instruments, and tools that humans have for creating instrument, the most expressive and powerful is still the human vocal cords.

I’m not into a capella groups or barbershop quartets in a big way, but they can undoubtedly be effective, and are really able to showcase the versatility of the voice.

The Persuasions are an a capella group from the 60s who have endured until today. They originally were street singers, but went into recording when they were discovered by Frank Zappa.

“Good Times” is fronted by Jerry Lawson, who provides the main verses. The rest of the band provides backing vocals at higher and lower pitches. They’re all great singers, and work together so well.

It’s a nice song about how love is non-materialistic, and good times can be had without loads of money.

The song was released in 1972, onĀ Street Corner Symphony.

It has been sampledĀ  in a modern hit by Jamie XX and Young Thug, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original…

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