03/06/2018: “Leisure Suit Preben” by Todd Terje


Todd Terje produces songs with a certain, rather indefinable style. He is very well known for his updated disco edits of old funk and disco songs, where he splashes tracks with his colourful style and makes them more dancefloor friendly and more… Todd Terje-esque.

The Norwegian scene where Todd Terje made his name showcases more of this nu-disco style, a style of lightweight, very pleasant, impeccably constructed tracks that have a tinge of 80s retro-futurism about them without taking it too far and becoming cliche.

“Leisure Suit Preben” is taken from the rather whimsically named It’s Album Time, released in 2014. It’s his own production rather than a remix, and has a dreamy quality about it.

The music video is very weird, and fits the song perfectly, giving the instrumental song a bit of a narrative. It’s basically the stages of a guy’s heavy night out, paying homage to an old video game called “Leisure Suit Larry”.

The song starts off in a sedated, lo-fi way, with a bassline drunkenly staggering about. After that, a rich orchestration builds up, until the soundscape is awash with lush strings and celestial harps.

Suddenly, as Preben enters the club, the song becomes much more disco, with an  arpeggiated bass and some reverb heavy synths.

All in all, a nicely done little track.

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