04/07/2018: “Waco” by Trim


The leftfield electronic artist James Blake put together a group called 1-800 Dinosaur, who specialise in producing quirky, futuristic beats.

This collective put out an album of various members’ productions in 2016, called 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim. It’s a mixed bag. Quite odd. But some of the most effective tracks are those produced by Blake’s guitarist, Airhead.

“Waco” is one of those tracks. It suits Trim’s poetic, laconic flow very well, and gives him some room to spit bars. Not only that, but his clever wordplay is easy to hear, instead of being swamped by the instrumental.

The instrumentals’ verses are minimal, before the hard stepping chorus hits with a patois hook and some triplet hi hats rat-a-tat-tatting like bullets.

It isn’t even really Trim at his best; he’s been wittier, he’s been more intelligent, he’s had better flows. But it’s a wicked tune nonetheless.

Trim has been around the grime scene since the start, but would rather not be part of it. He hasn’t put much out recently, but what he has done has been decent.

I hope to hear a bit more from Trim in the future!

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