05/07/2018: “I’m Eighteen” by Alice Cooper


For many years I laboured under the misapprehension that Alice Cooper was a single person, and not, as it turned out to be, a band. In fairness, the stage name of the highly visible frontman is “Alice Cooper”, so it’s not a hard mistake to make.

Not only that; the band split up in 1975, and the singer carried on by himself. Still, that’s all in the past…

They weren’t a particularly successful band until they were championed by Frank Zappa. Off the back of this, they released the successful single “I’m Eighteen” in 1970.

It’s not a complicated song, but it’s oh so relatable, and sung with plenty of heart. The guitar riff is a classic, simple to play but devastatingly effective. It’s brash, angry, and uncompromising. And not only that, but it had a huge impact on future rock as harder styles emerged.

A quintessential teenage angst song!


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