04/09/2018: “Cola Bottle Baby” by Edwin Birdsong

The main riff of this song has certainly done the rounds. It was sampled by Daft Punk for their 2001 song, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. The vocals from that, inspired by the melody of “Cola Bottle Baby”, were then used for “Stronger” by Kanye West in 2007.

It makes sense really, because in many ways Edwin Birdsong, who made futuristic, experimental funk music, was ahead of his time with this. That kind of synth pattern sounds very modern, not like something from the 70s.

The song uses that bubbly organ synth riff a lot, with its syncopated stabs pushing along the tune. The bass twangs delightfully in time with that, with a varied drum beat adding emphasis to the slightly drunken stagger of the other parts. His vocals are decent, and rich with effects. There’s also some tidy guitar playing.

The original song was released on the album Edwin Birdsong in  1979.

Still weird, still great!

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