03/09/2018: “We A De Rasta” by Israel Vibration

A lot of bands have interesting stories. Nevertheless, the story of Israel Vibration is especially interesting.

They all had polio when they were kids, and met at a polio clinic. They went their separate ways but joined together when they were older to form Israel Vibration.

Initially they scraped a living singing on the streets as a vocal harmony group, but got a grant to make an album when a Rasta from the major Twelve Tribes branch heard them, and was impressed by their singing and their religious conviction.

Certainly more interesting than some guys putting an ad for musicians in the paper!

“We A De Rasta” is obviously a song expressing their Rastafari faith, and does so with a cool confidence. It’s very catchy, but clearly isn’t a pop song. It’s a serious declaration of faith. From the piano skanks to the smooth bassline, it’s an easygoing roots reggae hit.

The album which “We A De Rasta” is drawn from is 1979’s Unconquered People, which is permeated throughout with religious themes.

Top vibes…


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