04/11/2018: “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC

It’s sad news that the lead singer of AC/DC (Brian Johnson), although he is very much full of life, had to stop singing due to hearing loss. A lot of old rockstars are getting a bit deaf but it seems his is particularly bad.

Weirdly enough, he has been replaced by Axl Rose, who actually seems to be giving it a decent shot…

Johnson himself replaced Bon Scott, who died of alcohol poisoning or possibly a heroin overdose after Highway To Hell (1979). The line up has been reasonably fluid apart from Malcolm & Angus Young.

“You Shook Me All Night Long” is from the legendary¬†Back In Black¬†album, released in 1980. It’s pretty obvious what the song is about to anybody who isn’t 6, or a nun…

It basically compares women to cars, and centres around Johnson’s interest in American girls. I don’t know how American girls are so special but in fairness, the song’s not that deep…

The furious energy of the song is what makes it such a hit, and here AC/DC’s brand of hard rock really excels. The guitar riff is classic AC/DC as well, with a nice critically acclaimed guitar solo too!

Timeless really!


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