05/11/2018: “Split The Atom” by Noisia

Noisia are very talented producers. A lot of what they do is neurofunk drum & bass, which has a cult following but tends to be disparaged as boring and samey by everyone else.

However, to accuse Noisia of being boring would be difficult even for their harsher critics. There’s a lot going on in their songs, put it that way.

One reason why that “Split The Atom” is different is explained by the way the 2010 album was released. There was the CD, called Split The Atom, but also two vinyl EPs, Vision and Division. “Split The Atom” is from the Division EP, which consists of electro house. I would be reluctant to pigeonhole the song to much though; it’s just a cool beat!

There’s a mixture of juddering basslines, funky synth melodies, and syncopated percussion, coming together in a symphony of high energy industrial-esque dance.

It’s a pretty full on experience, with a full frontal assault of sound, but the rhythms and melodies in the song make it a very smooth listen.

Classic Dutch quality…


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