04/12/2020: “Merry Go Round” by The Equatics

The Equatics made one album, which technically wasn’t released. So how can I discover a selection of funk gems from an obscure 70s high school band?

The internet is indeed the 8th wonder of the world!

That, and hard work by some of the rare groove and funk re-issue labels such as Mr. Bongo and Now Again Records.

It was Now Again records which bought new life to the album, re-releasing
Doin It!!!! in 2010. Otherwise, it’d have been very rare 1972 album hidden in some crates in America!

“Merry Go Round” is an original track, among the selection of covers. It could easily pass as a 60s soul classic. The melancholic rhythm and impassioned singing sink into a comfortable groove.

The organ, bass, guitar and horns weave a warm tapestry, and the drums shift everything along nicely.

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