05/01/2021: “Peace Upzzz” by Rustie

This music is so thick it almost seems to have shape and colour of its own. Like an emerald green wave, crashing against the shores of self-doubt.

The shimmering vocal synth, twisted beyond all recognition and given a harsh metallic edge, blends beautifully into more mellow vocal samples, buoyed by a lo-fi trap beat.

Inspired by the simple melodies of trance and happy hardcore, Rustie adds a depth which marks him out as something of a virtuoso.

It’s unashamedly computer music, but, to me at least, just as powerful and emotionally heavy as a symphony. If anything, it unlocks further creativity.

Rustie has been absent from music following a struggle with mental health and addiction, but he’s already laid down an impressively innovative body of work which often defies easy description. There’s been rumours of a return, which I await eagerly.

‘Peace Upzzz’ was released in 2015 on EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE.

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