06/01/2021: “It’s Real” by Mic Geronimo

I’m using the censored title of the song to keep things family friendly. But to be clear, I mean the other version, which begins with S. As you’ll see below, to be fair.

Featuring excellent production from Irv Gotti, the song is a classic East Coast hip hop track.

The core of the track is from Deniece Williams’ 1976 soul masterpiece, “Free”, with bassline and some sort of synth or guitar. It’s borrowed funk, but still works great here!

It was Mic Geronimo’s debut single, released in 1994. The song is gangsta rap at its finest, detailing early 90s NYC street life without getting too cartoonish about it…

The track also appears on Geronimo’s debut 1995 album, The Natural. 

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