06/04/2019: “Jungle Lion” by Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters

Unusually for a reggae song, this is heavily sample based. You could almost call it a remix of Al Green’s “Love And Happiness”, released in 1972.

Lee Perry radically reinterprets the basic elements of that song, but they’re still present. The guitar lick is used to fantastic effect to open the music at 30 seconds in, before the dread trumpets burst into action.

The background of the song is classic Lee Perry dub, smoke infused, rhythmically diverse, and chock full of interesting melodies. The section that begins around 2 minutes 5 seconds is a masterstroke…

It’s on songs like this where you can really appreciate the inventiveness of Perry, and the mastery he has of his craft.

The song was released in 1973 on the Upsetter label, as a single. You can pick that up for a bargain £400 on discogs, but luckily it was reissued in 2019 and is available on Spotify and YouTube in any case!

So brilliant!

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