07/04/2019: “Night” by Benga & Coki

Aside from “Midnight Request Line” by Skream, this is probably one of old school dubstep’s biggest anthems. It got to number 98 on the U.K. Singles Chart, which is impressive considering that this is unadulterated, murky dubstep.

That said, it isn’t an archetypal dubstep song. Instead of smooth sub bass or floor-shaking wobbles, it features descending beeps, eerie and cold, against a hi-hat driven tribal drum section.

The bass is most definitely there, obviously, but doesn’t feature at the front (or more accurately, the bottom) quite so prominently as many other dubstep tracks.

The song is alien and metallic, with all sorts of creepy clangs and industrial echos. This makes the official music video even more interesting. Not only is it a video for a dubstep song, it’s bang on, with a weird colourful squid thing pulsating to the music…

This track is the only collaboration between two of early dubstep’s biggest figures; its success makes me wonder why there was not more collaboration between the two, and what they could have come up with if they had worked together more!

The song was released in 2008, as a single, and on Benga’s classic album Diary Of An Afro-Warrior.

Quite catchy!

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