06/06/2018: “All I Do” by Stevie Wonder


“All I Do” was  written by a 16 year old Stevie Wonder in 1966 with Clarence Paul. It was first performed by Tammie Terrell in that year. Her version, however, wasn’t released until 2002. She unfortunately died in 1970 from brain cancer.

Stevie Wonder released the song in 1980 on the classic album Hotter Than July.

Wonder’s own recording of the song is very soulful, with a lovely keyboard riff, great singing from Wonder himself and also some great backing vocals from an accomplished group of artists including Micheal Jackson!

The flutes in the chorus are just a fantastic touch; the saxophone is also played excellently.

The end section after 3 minutes 30 seconds or so really brings out the colour of the melodies, and the backing singers perform admirably.

It’s a very nice song, bursting with soul, and shows why Stevie Wonder’s instinctive grasp of melody ensures his place in history as one of the best pop writers ever.


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