07/02/2019: “Don’t Waste My Time” by Jerry Washington


This song is a classic soul cut that was re-issued a couple of years ago in 2017 on Suncut records.

It’s a sunny sort of track, a real Northern Soul dance affair. The guitar and horns fizz with energy, contrasting with the laid back vocals.

The guitar is fast and cool as ice, whereas the horns are classy; but the song is always upbeat.

There’s even some particularly inspired soloing from the  guitar, which is reminiscent of the speedy psychedelic sound of Latin Cumbia.

The vocals are about a guy picking up a woman in a bar who is unsatisfied with her marriage.

It’s a funky affair, with a raucous feeling that balances with wry soulful vibe.

Something like this is richly deserving of re-releases. The original release was in 1976 on the famous Miami record label Glades. An  original 7″ would set you back £400 or so, but luckily the re-issue is about £9, and it’s even on Spotify…

It was one of Washington’s last singles, which accounts in part for its rarity.

This is truly groovy music!

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