08/02/2019: “Odio Sem Valor” by Pedrinho

The Cape Verde islands have a rich musical heritage, as a result of their mixed heritage of African and Portuguese cultural influences.

The label which released the compilation which this is from, called Space Echo: The Cosmic Sound Of Cape Verde, is Analog Africa, who have released a lot of fantastic music from all over the continent.

According to their mythology, this scene arose when a mysterious ship carrying a load of synthesizers washed up, and led to a blending of local dance styles such as the accordion based Funana with electronic funk.

“Odio Sem Valor” is nothing if not cosmic. It’s obvious that the song draws a lot from local Cape Verdean styles, but it’s incredibly innovative.

The song is one of two halves. The first half is slower and has more of a groove, with catchy vocals and a slow, percussion driven rhythmic bounce.

The second half is fast, urgent, spacey, and years ahead of its time. It’s almost trancey, with it’s repetitive and hypnotic melodies and relentless drumming.

The song was originally released on the album Nhõs Dêxa De Conta Mintira, but the Analog Africa compilation was released in 2016.


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