07/05/2021: “Mystic Bounce” by Madlib

Shades Of Blue, released in 2003, is a remix album by Madlib paying tribute to jazz greats.

Specifically, it casts an ear over the Blue Note back catalogue. Madlib’s natural flair lends itself well to jazzy beats. What better source material than this?

Ronnie Foster’s “Mystic Brew”, released 1972, is a masterstroke. Madlib plays with the groove to spin out a lighter, almost Muzak-esque scene. It’s both background music and music that uses background as a device.

I’m reminded of old school US exotica, with its Polynesian style rhythms and delicate vibraphone echoes.

No doubt the original is the better, more complex, more interesting song. But you can’t knock Madlib’s version for atmosphere!

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