07/09/2019: “Today” by LD, Monkey & Dimzy

U.K. Drill gets bad press, because it’s aggressive and made by inner city kids. Just like Hip Hop and Grime, really.

It has to be admitted that most drill lyrics are quite violent even by the standards of the gangsta rap which scandalised the U.S. in the 90s. But so is the original Chicago Drill.

“Today” is about selling drugs and shooting people, there’s no getting around it. A lot of drill artists wear balaclavas in videos and have done jail time too.

But it’s still music, made by people describing their lived experience of London in the 21st century, and it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

The production for 67 is usually handled by Carns Hill, who produces a consistent stream of wavy beats in a distinctive style. The production on this is full and heavy, proper anthem material.

If you don’t understand the slang, try reading Genius lyrics for this track. It’s got a certain deadpan humour to it…

The track was released in 2015 on 6.7. 


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