08/09/2019: “Man’s Best Friend (Instrumental)” by George Clinton

George Clinton is known for good times funk, but this surely one of the most feel good tunes ever recorded.

It’s worth noting that although there’s nothing really wrong with the vocal version, this is just better. The instruments are so brilliant, especially the guitar, that they deserve more space to shine.

It’s a real party tune, using a stadium filling snare to pin the beat down. The bassline is a shimmying, saucy synth. But it really is the guitar which adds that special touch.

The song is also divided into about 4 sections, which loop round each other flawlessly. My favourite is the hands in the air bit at the start, but it helps to have some more chill sections because it provides a bit of contrast and keeps the song interesting.

The instrumental version of the tune came out in 1983, as a B-Side to “Dog Talk” by K-9 Corp – most likely another George Clinton moniker of some sort. It’s hard to tell because it appears exclusively in connection with “Dog Talk”.

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