09/02/2019: “Feel” by Silkie & Truth

Silkie is one of the more melodious and jazzy Dubstep producers, and was one of the early stars of the scene. Truth are a Dubstep duo from New Zealand, and have released consistently high quality music for years.

Obviously, a collaboration between Silkie and Truth would lead to some great output!

“Feel” is a song which is well named. It’s a complex and emotional track, especially considering that it is a bass heavy club ready dubstep track.

The song leads with a nostalgic synth, and a plethora of hi-hats. After a patois vocal sample, the track drops in, with a solid and warm bassline providing the energy and weight. The percussion is complex, with a clattering and busy half time slap embellished with congas.

Some other elements of the track are a tasteful piano, and a smattering of soulful synthesizers. 

The space of the track become particularly apparent when the dubby breakdown in the middle materialises.

It’s a masterfully crafted track, which demonstrates the versatility of the genre and makes me proud to say that I love Dubstep!

The song was released on Silkie’s second album, City Limits Volume 2, in 2011.

Absolutely fantastic.

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