09/08/2018: “Spar With Me” by Toyan

This tune is absolutely relentless!

Produced by the label Volcano’s legendary Henry “Junjo” Lawes, this is Toyan toasting over the classic “I’m Not Getting Crazy” riddim.

The song features a driving bassline, with Toyan slickly flowing over the top. The guitar licks and splashy drums help cement the classic status of this riddim.

The song was released in 1981 first, and then became the title track of Toyan’s 1982 album.

This is early 80s dancehall excellence; the energy levels on the track are sky high!

Tragically, Toyan was killed in 1991, a victim of Jamaica’s violence. A waste of great talent if there ever was one.

Such an easygoing skanking tune…

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