09/09/2018: “Music Money” by Rossi B & Luca featuring Gully Gang

The “Music Money” beat is a classic and was vocalled by Wiley in 2008, but the original 2006 vocals from Gully Gang are rawer, and represent a certain era of Grime music that will probably never be repeated.

The structure of the song is the standard 8 bar switch, where two variations of the same bassline are repeated back to back. It’s simple, but devastatingly effective, especially with the medley of rappers over the top.

The song has a growling bassline and a ringtone bleep, with parts of the drums sampled from gunshots and cash registers.

The lyrics are very much in line with a lot of other rap songs; it’s about the desire to make legitimate cash from music and escape from a life of crime, instead of making money from drugs which isn’t legitimate.

The style of rapping is a grime style, with fast and hard bars rather than slow monotone of Drill or U.K. Rap, or the more melodic rhymes of Hip-Hop.

Rossi B & Luca are well established Grime producers, making some of Grime’s enduring beats, and this is a fine effort from them.

Pure fire!

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