10/04/2019: “Groovin’ You” by Harvey Mason

Every inch of this song is feel good music. It has an indefatigable positive energy!

The track kicks off with a suitably groove-tastic bassline, which revels in its own funkiness for a while. Then the song folds in other ingredients, before baking them in their own combined hotness…

To make a song like this, you need a selection of fine melodies, which are provided here by some tasty trumpets, delicious guitar licks, and delectable vocals. The song is a very rich thing to digest, but you’re unlikely to get sick of it!

One of the most recognisable parts of the song is the breakdown at 2 minutes 50, which was sampled by Gusto for the 1995 house song “Disco’s Revenge”.

The arsenal of percussion deployed throughout the song is seriously impressive, and does a fair bit of rhythmic damage, keeping the vibe firmly rooted in the disco camp.

The song was released in 1979 on an album which was also called Groovin’ You.

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