11/04/2019: “Skylab” by Electronic System

Electronic System is a project of the Belgian synthesizer legend Dan Lacksman.

He has performed under his own name, and in groups (most notably Telex). He was an early adopter of synth music, to the point where the first synthesizer he bought, just 3 years before the release of this song, was the first one in Belgium!

“Skylab” is a 14 minute long voyage through time and space. It’s definitely more of a lazy pleasure cruise than a hyperspace rush; you get plenty of time to appreciate the scenery.

And what scenery! The basis of the track is a sort of slow, jazzy strut, with a smooth bass part and a relaxed drum section. The dreamy electric piano lays down the primary texture for the song, which is embellished by confident Moog noodling.

The track was released in 1974 on the album Tchip.Tchip (Vol. 3), although a different version was released first in 1973 on a different version of the album called Electronic System 3, which is credited to “Dan Lacksman With Moog Synthesizer”.

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