10/05/2018: “Who Loves The Sun” by The Velvet Underground


The Sun is an often underappreciated, yet undeniably essential part of life. Sometimes it seems too hot, sometimes too cold, but the Sun is always there, and we wouldn’t be here without it.

I, personally, am a big fan of the Sun, and wish I could see more of it. Blue skies, warm rays, ice cream, BBQs, tanning (sunburn really but you know…)

The Velvet Underground, one of the most influential and innovative bands of the 60s, pay homage to our life giving mother star in a bittersweet melody. The gist of it is that the singer is too broken-hearted to even love the Sun.

“Who loves the Sun
Who cares that it makes plants grow
Who cares what it does
Since you broke my heart”

Not withstanding this, the song feels like a nice summery tune, with it’s light instrumentation, and harmony singing on the chorus. There’s some coughing in the middle, which I feel the track could do without, but I suppose at least it’s authentic…

Lou Reed is on fine form here. Loaded (1970) was the last album from The Velvet Underground that he appeared on, and on this track in particular he really carries the song to new heights!

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