11/05/2018: “Kuj Yato” by Clap! Clap!


The title of this song, and the artist who produced it, do look a bit random. But I double checked, and this is how they are spelt!

The 2014 album, Tayi Bebba, is an eclectic mix of influences and styles, driven by thumping bass rhythms and sampled pieces from around Africa. This incorporation of tribal music, collected by the artist, makes it an interesting affair.

The album was championed in particular by Gilles Peterson, who has a real gift for spotting unusual gems.

“Kuj Yato”, apparently meaning “Big Love” according to artist’s mythology, has an underlying core of footwork, with a complex percussion mix over the top.

The effect is surprising accessible; although a lot of the album is quite left-field, the catchy rhythms and assertive basslines of “Kuj Yato” make it a genuine club tune. The percussion rolls about quite a bit, but never loses focus.

The album itself is a concept album, which in reality is rather tenuous in what it is trying to achieve, but as a collection of songs it makes for a very exciting listen.

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