10/07/2018: “Buckshot Dub” by Rupie Edwards & King Tubby

buckshot dub.jpgSometimes less really is more. In a sparsely populated dub track, this can be especially hard hitting. A bit more space, a bit of room for the individual elements to breathe, and the whole track expands.

King Tubby works here with Rupie Edwards to produce one such airy dub tune.

The bassline is very recognisable, but not overbearing. It stops and starts, giving room for other elements of the track such as the guitars and organs to echo and reverberate about, and for the drums to rattle and clatter.

The song teases the main melody, cutting the guitar off before it reaches it’s climax.

The riddim is from “Everyday Wandering” by Johnny Clarke, and is called “Irie Feelings”.

The song was released in 1974, although there is another version with the word “skanga” repeated throughout. Which I don’t think works to be honest.

This version is great though!


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