11/07/2018: “Blue Monday” by New Order


For some people, this sort of thing is cringey 80s overload. Believe me, I understand that the 80s produced some eye wateringly embarrassing stuff.

This,  I don’t think, is not one of them. It’s a banger today, albeit not one that might be played in modern club!

House music was in its infancy in the early 80s, and this sort of electronica filled the gap. The singing is famous, of course, but it isn’t why I like the song. The reason I like the song is the groove.

Starting with that kick drum beat, the timeless synth fades in before the bassline kicks into action. Personally, I would be satisfied if that first section was the whole thing!

But the song does add more to the mix. The strings and synth pads create a very ethereal soundscape, yet the song remains rooted at all times in that fantastic bassline.

The song was released in 1983, and had a popular remix in ’88. It remains the best selling 12″ single ever.

It’s a masterfully produced song, and well deserving of the label of “classic”.

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