10/08/2019: “Trapped” by Proxima

Dubstep is a genre often characterised by extremes. The huge face slapping wobbles often associated with the genre sit alongside songs largely composed of empty space.

“Trapped” is a fine example of how the balance can be struck between the two ideals. It’s undoubtedly a real stomper of a tune, not least because of the dread weight of the bass, stabbing away relentlessly.

The song gives you room to breath, however. The half time drums sway and crash like waves, while the synth hook lurches forward in a pattern related to but ultimately free from the bassline.

There are a few other elements that encroach on that excellent formula: an intermittent horn stab, garbled vocal sample, a couple of miscellaneous electronic samples and a spooky pad which is vaguely reminiscent of Coki & Benga’s “Night”. Together, these give the song a fair amount of colour.

The track was released on the foundational Tempa label in 2014 as a single, backed with “Fate” and “Fallout”.

Smashing tune!

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