10/11/2020: “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris

I tend to sneer at the sort of ‘hit of the summer’ pop music produced by people like Calvin Harris. Although this doesn’t, in most cases, extend to Calvin Harris himself.

Maybe it’s because he’s provide a soundtrack for most of the 21st century. Maybe.

Or, it could be because he’s consistently produced some of the catchiest, most enduring hits of this millennium so far!

There’s a significant chunk of his catalogue which feels very corporate – music that sells. And that’s okay – “Feels So Close” has been a nice earner for Harris, going platinum in almost every major English speaking country and gold in an array of other places.

But even after that, a few of his songs, to me at least, seem to have genuine staying power. They’re just too euphoric, too infectious, too danceable!

This one came out in 2012, the second single from 18 Months.

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