11/05/2019: “Timing, Forget The Timing” by Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club is an alias of Bernard Fevre, and is one of the most impressive early disco acts.

Often compared to Giorgio Moroder in terms of the sounds, catchy melodies and disco pioneering he has done, Bernard Fevre has never got the critical acclaim of Moroder.

The E.P. this is taken from, called Disco¬†Club, was originally released in 1978. It is years ahead of its time, and was even mistaken for a hoax when it was re-issued, because people thought it was modern music with a fanciful blurb…

It was re-issued in 2004 by Rephlex, after attracting the attention of the label boss, but also Aphex Twin!

There are definitely similarities with Moroder; the relentless, metallic drum beats forges ahead, carving a path for the melodic bassline to rumble across.

Then in their wake, a host of catchy, singalong synth melodies flit and weave, echoing and enhancing the bass.

The song was made without any MIDIs or computers, making it all the more impressive. The drums are actually a processed live drummer!


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