12/05/2019: “Avi-Vo” by Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Lafayette Afro Rock Band are considered one of the most significant funk groups of the 70s.

That said, they weren’t particularly well known at the time. Much of the band’s latter success has come off the back of some of their drum breaks being sampled widely in the hip-hop scene, especially “Hihache”.

“Avi-Vo” is a sumptuous track, containing all sorts of well crafted delights. As would be expected, the drums throb and roll pleasingly, but the song places a lot of emphasis on the melodies as well as the rhythm. The horns sound vaguely Latin, and surely must bring a smile to anyone’s face.

My favourite part is the bluesy and energetic piano, which plays its own carefree jam throughout!

Lafeyette Afro Rock Band are now considered part of the funk canon, but it’s almost outrageous to think of how much this was slept on at the time…

The song was released on the album Malik in 1974.

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