11/09/2019: “Ta Lassa” by International Soleil Band

As far as I can tell, the only difference between this and the “Hide & Smile” edit is that the latter is a bit more punchy, and perhaps better arranged.

But I do like the charm of the original. It loses very little dancefloor zestiness. The same key elements are there: the fidgety bassline, slick drum pattern – with cacophonous bongos – and of course, the wonderfully harmonious guitar licks.

The vocals are joyous and calm, yet still glide out in a way almost reminscent of Jamaican dancehall toasting.

The song combines traditional elements with modern synths. Not only that, but it does it very well, so that there is not even the slightest trace of cheesiness!

The song originally came out in 1983, on an E.P. called International┬áSoleil┬áBand. It seems to be the only release the band did. But as with all cool African records, Soundway Records re-issued it in 2016…

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