12/09/2019: “1969” by Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada are undoubtedly a rare sort. You might put Aphex Twin and Burial in the same class; they make weird electronic music that straddles the world of Ambient and IDM.

“1969” exemplifies the strange charm Boards Of Canada’s music has. A scratchy, lo-fi beat holds up a truly cosmic synth. These two elements create the hypnotic backbone of the song. Then, some disturbing and garbled lyrics appear.

The “hook” of the song – in so far as it has one – is the discordant wave of bleeps.

As with much Boards Of Canada music, the sound is both beautiful and disorientating at the same time.

The song was released in 2002 on Geogaddi, which has a vaguely occult feeling, full of obscure references to vaguely occult things.

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