12/08/2019: “Sons Of 3rd Bass” by 3rd Bass

The sheer exuberance of this is infectious. Its off-kilter beat is adorned with horn samples that lend the song a lighthearted air. The beat is essentially constructed around the 1968 Blood, Sweat & Tears song, “Spinning Wheel”.

The MCing is prime late 80s flow. The band is all the more unusual because the members were different races, which was less common in the 80s.

Lyrically, the song is a diss track aimed at the Beastie Boys, seen as the first successful white hip-hop group. This came about after Mike D from the Beastie Boys was rude to Serch when the latter asked for business and label advise.

The song was released in 1989 on the group’s debut album, The¬†Cactus¬†Album. Although this album was successful, since gaining recognition as one of the classic hip-hip LPs, the group broke up in 1992 due to various tensions between the members.

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