13/04/2019: “Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)” by Ed Rush & Optical

Ed Rush & Optical are one of the pioneering groups behind the neurofunk subgenre of Drum & Bass, which is a more flowing and repetitive style. Ram Trilogy is similarly a massive name in that scene.

The original mix of “Pacman” was released in 2000 on the album The Creeps (Invisible And Deadly!). It’s a classic in its own right, but the Ram Trilogy remix is far catchier, elevating the song to a truly legendary status.

The remix is unrelenting, with a fast and full drum section, and the trademark neurofunk rolling bassline. The melody of the song has a lot more variation than the original, and is genuinely catchy.

The breakdown sections are ominous and alien, leading into a second half that is not particularly different from the first. The start and finish of the song use a slower bass part, which “hits” rather than rolls.

The Ram Trilogy remix was released in 2002, as a single backed with “Vessel” by Universal Project.

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